Putting in the papers

migrationIt was a decision that was several years in the making. For years, I angsted over whether I should do it, whether it was worth it to (eventually) give up a job I love for a misty childhood dream – to live and work overseas.

But it was surprisingly easy to sign the papers that gave the migration agency the OK to proceed filing in papers for my emigration to Australia.

I didn’t flinch when I handed over the cash to him (it’s a lot of money). The whole procedure will cost me RM16k! The expensiveness of it all was one of the main reasons why I hesitated for so many years, but after falling into depression seeing my friends and family members moving abroad one by one, I decided I’m no longer want to be left behind.

Well, according to the agent, I may get my 475 visa by next year, or even this year. I nearly died when I heard that. Because, unlike most potential migrants, I was in no hurry to run to Australia.

The nature of the 475 visa is such that I have to move to Oz almost immediately after I get it. I only have, maximum, 1.5 to 2 years to delay the move. I suppose two years is enough time to save enough $, prepare myself emotionally and rent out my apartment.

If all things go well, I may find myself in Adelaide by 2012. I’m frankly both scared shitless and happy as a bunny over the prospect.

So I started this blog, because writing is the way I work things out. And hopefully, eventually, this blog will be my chronicle of life in Adelaide and beyond. Thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Putting in the papers

  1. Hi Susan

    Leaving one’s home country is never an easy thing to do even though it’s got all it’s hang ups. I understand somewhat what you’re sharing, the one sure thing is if you’re given the chance then give it your all and see what happens. You may even surprise yourself. I wish you all the best and if you’d like to keep in touch do write to me. God Bless!

  2. Hello Joy,
    You’re my first visitor! Yeah I’m giving it all and just hoping for the best. Not thinking too far ahead 🙂

  3. I’m like you – just submitted my papers and waiting for approval.

    Why am i migrating? i dunno actually. i love Malaysia (completely agree with you on her idiotic politicians though!), the way of life, food, friends, work (doing pretty ok on that front).

    unlike you though (and i say this cuz i have the impression that you’re young and single), i’m married and have 3 young kids. while i don’t want to start all over again on the career front, i guess the migration is for the vague blurry hope of a better future for the kids. it’s vague cuz i don’t know whether they will turn out better in Oz; it’s a hope which i really hope with all fingers and toes crossed is a good enough reason for the move.

  4. Hello Rotan,
    Yes I’m young (relatively) and single. And yes, I totally understand why you want a better future for your kids. If I had kids, I’d do it too, because education in Malaysia is so .. down the drain right now. I hate the fact that to get an education without spending a lot of money I have to be a certain race. My parents scrimped and saved on their meagre salaries so that I can have a good education, so I understand why you’re doing it.

    Good luck and hopefully we’ll meet down under one day!

  5. Hello Susan
    I came across your blog while reading through the Global Malaysians Forum. I’m going through and thinking the exact things as you are, it’s so ironic!

    I’ve just submitted my papers too and now it’s the waiting game. Anyways, all the best and I’m definitely going to keep following your blog 🙂

  6. reading this mail and tying this to your blog title, i suppose you’re heading to adelaine on the more relaxed rules?

    i am sure it is a good move. like u commented in my blog, not many has the chance to migrate. for those of us who have the option, we should not let that go, particularly when u look at things happening in our beloved home.

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  9. Hi Susan, how you find it in Adelaide? I just recently moved to Melbourne from Malaysia, July 2012. If you ask me, the grass is not that green as many perceived it. Missing family, friends, my career that I built back home, just pondering if all of these are worth it.

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  12. Hi Susan,

    I’ve stumbled upon your blog. I’ve been thinking about migrating to Australia with my husband but still unsure about the requirements and qualifications to do this. We are still weighing all the pros and cons.

    Could you recommend the agent that you used for your application last time?

    Thank you!


  13. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles.

    I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.

    I am quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

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