Shh! It’s a secret!

shhThe funniest thing, or the not-so-funny thing about my whole migration process is that I have to keep it a secret from most of the people I know – especially my workplace friends and bossess! Of course, that’s for obvious reasons.

When I have to call the migration agency, I’d go to a secluded corner and whisper. Worse, I’d have to somehow get certain documents from them without them knowing why I’m really getting them.

My agent said that they will even “disguise” their calls by saying that they’re from a different company if they call my office. I find that funny.

I am pretty close to my workplace friends. We go out for dinners and even “beauty trips” together. So, it’s really tough to keep it a secret from them.

I feel very fortunate about working in the job I have now. It’s not perfect, certainly, but I’m 80% happy at my work. The benefits are good, the pay is adequate (pay can always be higher!) and I get to travel overseas a few times a year. It is, in all aspects, a dream job.

I have the nicest bosses. At least in my department. I’m glad I got to experience having great bosses but at the same time it makes all this espionage harder for me. I also dread the day where I have to give them my resignation letter. I know, this is probably strange. I’m a loyalist – I’ve stayed in this job for 10 over years now, and I’ll probably stay for 10 years more if the case of restlessness had not struck me.

Adieu great workplace, adieu…


6 thoughts on “Shh! It’s a secret!

  1. I suppose I am lucky 🙂 But at times I wish I wasn’t a loyalist to this company because leaving it is extremely difficult. It’s a little funny really – many in my company stay for decades. The maxim is that if you stay in the job after 5 years, you’ll be here for the long haul. If you stay in the company after a decade, you’re a “lifer”. Next year will be my tenth year! A lot of us feel envious at people who manage to leave! They did it! They decided to brave the world!

    It is a very comfortable job. With flexible hours, eccentric workmates (I suppose being in the creative industry, you tend to attract weirdos) and thus very entertaining. Pay could be better but I manage 🙂

    But I didn’t think I’d get to a job like that.I was a rolling stone before. My first job I worked under this horrific boss. My workmates were bullies and schemers, and it felt like working in a pit of vipers. (That’s advertising for you!)

    So I guess I appreciate what I have now!

  2. You are definitely lucky to have such a “Nice” job!

    Thought you should it at least the “third” thought before you give up, just my 2 cent.

  3. Believe me … I’ve given it a third, fourth and fifth thought … but I do have more dreams, I realise. And I realise that I shouldn’t put them on hold anymore … 🙂

  4. Zewt: Haha, actually a lot of my colleagues complain about the company a lot. But I tend to see the bright side of things. The pay is really abysmal if you want to compare to my peers in other companies, but I’m glad for small blessings like nice colleagues and travel opportunities 😛

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