Anti-ISA marches

protestsTo my Malaysian brethren overseas, please spare a thought to Malaysians over here who are fighting for our civil liberties. Spare a thought especially for those marching in Kuala Lumpur right now to protest the ISA. They are doing brave work.

Judging from the twitter updates at #antiISA and #isa, disabled people are being beaten, kids are arrested and police are turning their might against people they’re supposed to protect instead of criminals.

Things are quite bad in Malaysia – spare a thought for those back home. Speak up and dont ever forget to vote when you have the chance in Malaysia!

Live coverage: Anilnetto, Malaysiakini and even The Star.

Photos: EdgeMalaysia


2 thoughts on “Anti-ISA marches

  1. My heart goes out to those who braved the front during the demonstration.
    There are good overseas Malaysians who remember their home country but there are also some who choose to loathe Msia and her people.
    They have forgotten they were raised by parents who made a living here. At least they were able to study and grow up in a peaceful environment. Sure Msia has its flaws but which country does not.

  2. melody – our parents think that way and here we are, all of us lamenting that our parents should do more. if we now don the same thinking as our parents… what will our children think of us in 50 years time?

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