Document hassle

Sorry I’ve been incognito. Balancing work, life and the migration process is a very daunting task, I discover. For one, getting one piece of document can be such a long-winded affair.

I did a twinning programme with a local college and studied in Australia for a year. I’ve always thought that the most difficult document to get was from the Australian university. Ironically, it’s the local college that’s giving me an endless headache.

With the Australian university, all that I had to do was call the university’s student services, pay for it via credit card, and I got the transcripts in a week.

With the local college, it was a far more complicated matter.

First, they told me that they lost my transcripts. Yes, the stupid college lost them because they never bothered to put it in an electronic database. I was told that they kept the transcripts in boxes in some store room, for God’s sakes. Thank God I was a meticulous document keeper. I gave them my copies so that they can compile a one- to two-page transcript.

I called the college on the same day I called the Australian university and emailed them my transcripts.

Well, the transcript came two weeks later. With one semester missing!

Better, they didn’t provide the one-page transcript that they promised.

I’ve had it up to here with Malaysian incompetence. We’re a culture that promotes mediocrity, as the recent reversal to Bahasa Malaysia for Science and Maths subjects demonstrated. It’s a cancer that has spread and will continue to spread.


Well, I have to continue pestering the bloody college for my documents. It has been a month since I started this process and I am just so thankful that my agents are handling the other documents such as police record etc, because I’m not that eager to do it myself!


One thought on “Document hassle

  1. Hi,

    I would like some advice.
    I think we are asked to get our present employer to sign a letter saying I am currently performing a critical job. How do you get your employer to sign without arousing suspicion.


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