Malaysia is losing its young


I’ll say it again and again: The brain drain in Malaysia is accelerating.

My family is a micro reflection of the trend. Nearly all the young people in my family have gone. Recently, another cousin of mine said that he’ll be joining me in Adelaide as he’s putting in the papers. In a way I feel comforted as I will have a few relatives in Australia now, and one in Adelaide with me. But I worry about the older people in my family.

Then, if that’s not all, my best friend’s brother and wife are thinking of going to Britain to work.

And I thought to myself: So many are leaving.

A colleague of mine told me how she reconnected with friends via facebook and remarked that so many have since emigrated. She told me about a doctor, an established surgeon who worked overseas, who returned to Malaysia to serve but was forced to return overseas because he simply couldn’t support his family on his RM1000+ pay.

Malaysia, what are you doing? I can only say that you’re stupid for treating your young this way, by depriving them of their rights, by arresting them for protesting and for desiring a better life, and by legitimising racism via racial quotas for education, job opportunities and by allowing politicians to hurl racist epithets on almost daily basis.

Your young are fleeing because of the racism and the lack of political and insome quarters, religious freedom. Do something before it’s too late. But I suspect that it may be already too late, and may take some time to reverse.

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2 thoughts on “Malaysia is losing its young

  1. my sis in law will be there by next year. adelaide will be filled with malaysians seeking political refuge! 😛

    one very worryign brain drain trend is that when the current batch of medical specialists retire… there will be no new batch (competent ones) to take over.

    then… we will see the the realy problems.

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