In the shadow of facism

Oh Lord,
My document hassle never ends. I couriered my documents to the migration agent, but the agent calls me and tells me that the documents never arrived at his office! It’s now two days since I gave that document to the dispatch guy and I’m seriously thinking that it’s lost.

I belatedly realised that the courier service guy did not give me the consignment number or a receipt. At that time I knew something was missing, but since I was new to this whole courier thing didn’t know what to ask. He told me it’s all okay.

Knew I should’ve just delivered the docs to the agent personallly!

Sometimes I wonder if this is God’s way of saying: Don’t leave Malaysia for Adelaide!

Sure, Malaysia is threatening to erupt into racial violence any time soon because the government-of-the-day is spewing racist rhetoric, but maybe I can ignore it and continue live in relative comfort. Maybe I’ll wake up with people baying for my Chinese blood on the streets one day but until then I can enjoy life.

I was being sarcastic, by the way. People  can’t tell when I’m being sarcastic.

It’s a little funny. Yesterday my colleagues and I were discussing the latest racist rhetoric from a government minister, and the talk shifted to migration.

Both said that they will not stop their kids from migrating. In fact, both said the would encourage it. Then one of them said: “You have cousins in Australia, why don’t you migrate?”

It’s a weird situation. Here am I, already processing my application, but I have to keep it a secret because the last thing I wanna do is tip them off that my seat will be vacant in a year or two (hopefully, two). So I lied to them and said that I don’t have enough money to migrate – not exactly a lie. (There are so many bills coming my way I wonder what will be left to bring over to Oz.)

warsaw ghetto childA lot of Malaysians are migrating because they’re afraid. I am moving away because I’m thirsting for adventure (mostly) and also because I’m afraid for my future in this country.

There will be years more of turmoil before Malaysia achieves any kind of balance. Even if PKR wins the next General Election, we’d have to contend with the religious extremists in PAS who would most likely push their weight around.

Imagine living under a cloud of fear and uncertainty every day. Imagine feeling helpless about your life. Imagine feeling like you’re standing on the train tracks, and could see a train barelling towards you, but feel to helpless to move? That’s how I feel like being in Malaysia.

It caused me a lot of stress. In fact, some days I’m so depressed about the whole thing I drag my feet around. Some people wonder why I feel so fearful – aiyah, enjoy life and ignore themlah! But I can’t do that.

I think about how the Jews lived in Nazi Germany (before they were carted off to the camps), and I see parallels with how we’re (the Chinese, at least) living in Malaysia now. The Jews never thought things would get that far. The Jews tried their best to ignore the racist and fascist rhetoric of the Nazis and lived their lives. They tahan and tahan despite having their rights stripped one by one away.

They say that things will never get too far, that no sane people would kill others just because they are of a different skin colour or religious belief, but look what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany? Was it wrong for some of the Jews to flee Germany before the time came?

I know, some of you would probably be saying – aiyah, pleaselah! Don’t be so dramatic. But I guess we have two choices: Flee or stand up and fight.

Unfortunately, and I’m honest enough to say this, I’m too chicken shit to stay.


3 thoughts on “In the shadow of facism

  1. I can’t imagine. I migrated to Oz, but not because of any political strife. I’ve always lived in relative comfort – financially, politically, socially. Wishing you safety and comfort.

  2. i don think PAS will push their weights around… that is something the mainstream is trying to paint to us and what the espionage folks are doing…

    but on the other hand, i dont think PR will ever win the election, or should i say… they will never be allowed to win by you-know-who.

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