IELTS worries

Apologies for not updating for so long – life had taken over in a big way. For starters, I took my IELTS exam recently. Since I only prepared or it a week before the exam, the whole exam-taking was a nerve-wrecking experience. After all, it is my first exam in 10 years!

People kept saying that I’ll ace the exam, but I’ve learned never to underestimate exams. So I am incredibly nervous about the results that I will be getting. As luck would have it the Australian government increased the passing marks for 475 visa to 6.5. (Though to qualify for PR, you need 7).

I felt that I was weak in the Listening portion of the exam so I practised using the handy IELTS workbook that the migration agency gave me. Listening is pretty tricky – the audio is played only once and you need to be very, very attentive to ace the exam.

I found Reading pretty tricky too – while most of the comprehension questions were straightforward, the last portion was damn tricky again. Having to choose between “false” and “not given” drove me a little nuts. The Speaking test was kinda fun because, hey, I love to talk. And writing? I just have no idea how I’ll be marked, so I’m the least confident about it. 😦

But the exam is over and I’m on my knees praying for a favourable result. Just give me a 7.0. God!




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