It’s getting tougher

You know, I shouldn’t waste my time worrying really. The Australian government is making it harder and harder for me to make the trek down under. They’ve been throwing limitations after limitations my way… I had to redo my VETASSESS because they removed the occupation I was nominated for. Then they are changing the assessment criteria by January 2010. Apparently I am not affected by that, but who’s to say that the next ruling will not affect me? The noose is tightening, so to speak.

Oh well. Am trying my very best to reign my paranoia in.

But if I don’t make it, the decision is made for me then. Perhaps it was just not meant to be. Perhaps it isn’t too bad to live in Malaysia. It’s funny, ever since I decided not to read news about the political situation in Malaysia, I’ve become decidedly happier.

No bad news is good news, I suppose!

Sometimes, for one third of a second, I do wish I studied accountancy instead of something I really loved. Just for a microsecond.


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