GSM changes … and I’m only very slightly worried. Hmm!

Last December, my migration agent called me very suddenly, saying that I have to lodge my application like now because their sources were telling that big changes are afoot in 2010 and I may not qualify if it does happen and my application is not in.

Getting together around RM7500 in just a day wasn’t an easy feat, but I managed to scrape through.

Two days ago, the Oz government unveiled drastic changes to the general skilled migration programme. The gist of it, if I understand the usually convulated immigration rules correctly, that those who applied before Sept 2007, where the English standards were lower, may have their applications revoked. In fact, around 20,000 applicants have been rejected. The only good news is that the Oz government will refund them the money, and it will apparently cost Australian taxpayers A$14mil. Well, they better, or the Oz government will be called a big fat crook, pocketing people’s money and leaving them without the visas promised!

I called my migration agent and he said that he will only call me on Friday to see if I’m affected as those really affected is in the front of the queue.

And even if I’m not affected now, I could be in the future when the lovely (right now in my mind, he’s an asshole, sorry) immigration minister decide to tell us all that those who applied for 475 visas before X date is now not eligible.

You know, surprisingly, I’m pretty calm about the announcement. I think before I’d have been running around in total despair, sure that my dream of rejuvenation, restoration and renewal in Down Under is over and I’m condemned to living the rest of my life in my office cubicle contending with the office bitches (and bastards) forever and ever….

But the whole process of applying for Australian residence has given me a fresher perspective about life in Malaysia. I suppose when you realise that you only have X amount of months left in Malaysia (if the visa application is successful, that is) you start to appreciate things.

Like how my job allows me to travel to different parts of the world a few times a year.

Like how my job allows me to take beach vacations in Bali or Krabi!

Like how I have a lovely 1000+ book library in my apartment.

Like how I live in a big apartment, with my own study and library, all by myself, a luxury I probably cannot afford in Oz.

Like how when I make an effort not to read about the shitty injustices that are happening in Malaysia, I don’t find living here such an awful experience after all.

And I began questioning my move to Australia. Is this something I needed? In fact, my shrink – yes dear readers, since you do not know me, I can tell you that I have one – asks me if the whole thing was an “emotional decision”.

It certainly was, I confess.

I’ve been feeling so very trapped in Malaysia when I made my decision. I felt that I had to do it, but I didn’t really have concrete or really logical reasons why I want to do it. It would have made better logical sense to move to Singapore – where I’ll not only probably get a job in my line but be close to my family, something that is important to me – or even South Korea, where I could teach English! But why stop there? There’s also Thailand, which requires people with my abilities. Why Australia? Uhm, cos I studied there and its nice and Western. Uhm, haha. 🙂 [Feels sheepish.]

The truth is, my desire is to strike out on my own into the world. But it took me some time to realise that I’m already doing so in my own way – my job gives me the ability to experience new cultures, and my paycheque enables me (to a tiny degree) to indulge in discovery holidays too.

Of course, I could still qualify for that elusive visa. I could still move to Australia. Everything is still up in the air, of course.

Whatever it is I just hope they get on with it so I can start planning properly for my future. 🙂

Maybe Singapore would want me … this whole process, with the immi laws constantly changing in Australia, gives me the impression that Oz doesn’t really want me. Hmph.


7 thoughts on “GSM changes … and I’m only very slightly worried. Hmm!

  1. I hear you and understand your concerns. The OZ migration process is a tricky and tedious process which NO ONE enjoys. I remember the pain we had to go through with my spouse visa and then to wait another 2 years before being given the full PR status because it is a de facto visa.
    I think the reason why they review the migration laws is because there has been a huge influx of migrants from China, India, UK and other countries in the recent years and most likely trying to control the numbers coming in. I have met too many students doing one degree and then another one so that they can qualify for residentship.
    And then I have to renew my PR sticker every 5 years..(because the Malaysian government does not have dual citizenship and yaddi yaddi yah)
    In this time of waiting, take heart and continue to pray and trust that Adelaide is where you are meant to be.
    I am sure in this time you in your own way have been asking God what is in store for you. I can understand feel trapped is not pleasant feeling and hope it all works out for you.
    Stay in touch and drop me a line sometime. Take care

    • I guess I’m just not worrying too much about it. I’d like to think that’s my faith working. hehe. Okay, more like – Hey God, this is in your hands. If I go, that’s cool. If I don’t go, I’m sure there’s a good reason! No point getting all hopping worried about it … 😉

      I guess I’m nervous, Rachel. Although I’ve been travelling, am fairly independent … I realise I like security and comfort most of all. I do worry if I’d like my new life in Oz, but I’m dying to record it in this blog too. I mean, how fun would it be to chronicle the gap year I never took? 😉

      Yeah, I consider my sojourn to Oz more like a gap year than migration now. Migration sounds so final, so sure. I’m not sure about anything in my life right now! haha. I mean, I may end up being a mime in Paris for all I know … 😛

      PS: I hope you don’t mind me removing my name … office vultures found my other blog, which is why I was so reluctant to write anything on it now…. well, besides the fact that I have nothing to say about the subject now!

  2. I suppose this piece of news will put to rest all those who hesitated and procrastinated. and for those who put in with a heavy heart, it will be a decision made for them… easy way out… 🙂

    there are some issues with mine too… hopefully it can be sorted out.

    since you can travel all around the world with your current job… pick a place and try to stay there 🙂

  3. Oh no! I thought you had your PR in hand already and all it needs is a stamp at immigration? I hope everything goes well for you. Things are so topsy turvy with all the crazy announcements that I’m not sure what to think about everything.

    Choose a place? Ahaha, I don’t think I can decide. You know, Malaysia won’t be such a stinky place if we turn all the politicians into daisies…

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