Now I may be going sooner than I thought

So my migration agent called just a minute ago, and he said that I’m not affected by the changes. For now πŸ™‚ He also told me that due to the recent changes, the processing time for my application will be … shorter.


Okay, how screwed up is it that I’m not very anxious when I find out that I may not qualify for emigration but my anxiety levels shoot up to the roof when I find out that I may be going to Australia sooner than expected??

I mean. Seriously, what in the world am I going to do when I do get my visa in July this year?

How do I rent out my apartment?
How do I get rid of 1000 over books?
How do I get enough money to survive in Oz for a year?
How do I say goodbye to good
friends and family??

How how how

I bet my shrink has something to say about this.

Maybe I should start reading more Malaysian news to depress myself more so that I’ll be more eager to go. After all Anwar, the supposed hope of the nation, is heading to prison. Again. And justice has just been buggered in Perak. And my company ain’t what it used to be, eventhough I still find it swell to work there. (Though, personality-wise, I’ve been told that I’m insufferably “see the silver lining” in everything.)

Oh yeah, and there are a couple of office vultures that I’ll not be too sorry to leave πŸ˜‰

In fact, sometimes when I see them a voice goes off in my head: “Hahaha. Sayonara you suckers! Good riddance!!”

Also, like my friend Racheal said to me, it’s a chance for adventure, and it forces you to grow!

I mean, let’s face it … I’m not getting any younger, and if I don’t do this now I may look back when I’m in my eighties and mutter to myself, “Now, if only I made the leap and left for Australia in my thirties…”

Now if any one of you (what, three readers so far… πŸ˜‰ can give me tips on how to sell off 1000 books in a matter of months, it’ll be awesome.


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