A drone speaks

Feeling a little down today. Things are changing so much at my company, and not really for the better.

Have always been the kind of person to look at the silver lining and try be upbeat about things, but today I felt the sting of being an underappreciated, overworked automaton more keenly than usual. Was given a RM200 increment. Yes, pathetic. While a colleague got promoted to a more senior position. We were equal in rank before.

It bites because I’m being asked to do more and yet am only given RM200 more for my trouble. And recently, one of my projects was given to another person, and now I’m under this person. And I wasn’t even told about the change. The powers that be as usual just assume that I will play along like a nice little coolie.

And I can only shake my head and wonder how long of this I can take. The other day a friend of mine expressed horror that our pay is so low. I’m horrified myself, thank you very much.

So I’m looking more and more at Australia as some kind of escape from my situation. It’s not exactly a healthy way to see things, I know. I mean, Oz has its own set of problems, and I most probably will not hold the same job … but yet, psychologically my mind is hopeful about Australia. Perhaps a change of environment and challenges is just what this overworked drone needs.

That, in Australia, at least, they appreciate you a little bit more and don’t work you like cattle. I hope.

Well, my friends do say that they are treated better at their workplaces in Oz than in Malaysia, where people are often exploited etc. So I do hope it’s no myth. But I suppose it’s always best to keep expectations low.

Okay, I need something to cheer me up. Heading for the snack bar, people. I hear the Kit Kats calling….


4 thoughts on “A drone speaks

  1. did that person who got promoted ahead of you threatened to resign or hinted that he/she is looking for job elsewhere?

    it’s not about ability, it’s about lack of opportunity.

    • My company doesn’t really care if you resign. To them, it’s one less mouth to feed. They prefer to hire younger, cheaper people. 😉

  2. I can’t compare with Malaysia, but Australia certainly has better working conditions than the USA. More holiday time, better pay and more rights as a worker.

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