I got my visa!

But my reaction was not what you’d think it’d be. I remember getting that call in March and my heart sank. Yes, it sank.

In a way, finally having the visa in my passport was an anti-climatic experience. I trudged to the Australian embassy in KL. Got security checked. Headed upstairs where I’ll get the visa. There was no queue. I headed to the counter. Lady asked for my passport, and she stuck something on it. And then she handed me the visa. Wala. I’m now a certified Australian resident. I felt relieved that my long journey of documents, tests and more documents have come to and end. But I was also confronted with the undeniable fact that NOW, I have to make that decision whether I should go or not. It’s not longer the question of what if, but when.

I had hoped that the visa would be granted later. I wasn’t ready. Still am not. Sometimes I wake up in the morning, wondering about my situation, dreading the day that I’ll have to pack up and leave.

Not exactly the expected reaction of a person who had spent lots of money to obtain a golden ticket to the “lucky country”, is it?

The thing is, life in Malaysia has gotten … well, fulfilling somewhat. Despite the chaos of the political situation. I have found a church that has become a wonderful support system for me, and while work isn’t the best thing ever (honestly, I’m still being overworked like crazy), it is tolerable.

But my friends are encouraging me to take the chance, to break out of my comfort zone.

Because the honest goodness truth is I’m just afraid to step out of my safety zone. I’m terrified of what’s out there … joblessness, uncertainty, no income … all this seems a wee overwhelming for me to deal with.

I wonder if any of you felt that way before the Big Move?


14 thoughts on “I got my visa!

  1. Congrats on your visa….I felt the same way few years ago..
    But I did go ahead to Australia with little money, no job and no friends/relatives to rely on..
    It’s difficult at first especially when im spending in Oz$ using RM savings, but when i started working, everything started to go oki slowly..

    If you dont like the life in Australia, you can always go back to Msia, at least you tried before, since you spend so much to get the visa..

  2. Sure, we felt that way too when we got ours in 2000. We only came here (Melb) 6mths before our visas expired! Yes, it was that hard to part with the Tanah Air. Reasons for the delay aplenty, 1st, No. 1 was too young. Then, No. 2 came along and she was also too young. But as time drew on, it became obvious to me, if we gave up the PR, there was little chance we would be able to qualify if we re-applied later. So, we decided to “give it a 2yr try” ie. to fulfil the residence requirement for visa renewal (RRV).

    You could say, after settling here we never looked back!

    We were from FBC, Pantai, then Subang. Plenty of good churches for Msian/Sporean migrants in the capital cities. You will feel “at home” straight away!

    Regrets? Yeah, same as what I feel about getting married, and having children – we should have done it SOONER!

    GL in your quest.

  3. so this is why you asked me whether i am going. still in in the plan but i have up to 2015 to decide. i guess you will have up till 2016.

    like you said, the situation in malaysia is self fulfilling… getting from bad to worse. it will be a bold move to go to australia but with so many positive stories from those who made the move. i guess we should not chicken out from it.

    • Hello Zewt,
      So sorry for replying late. For me, it is not the situation in Malaysia that’s spurring me on but fulfilling a life-long childhood dream. Let’s encourage each other to go forward, whereever or whatever it may be.

  4. Hi Susan
    I came across your blog while reading the GM forum. I got my PR status last May. I remember I was travelling in Italy and somewhere in the wee early hours of the morning, the phone call from my agent came through and I was too blur to even react.

    Congrats on your visa! And yes, I’m feeling the same way you are feeling and yes, I am *still trying* to mentally prepare myself for the prospect of joblessness. It is seriously hard to find a job offshore (I’m in Penang) even though I did make a trip last year to meet recruitment agents, I suppose it is not the same as physically being there. Am still working up some courage to take the leap but I know I am not going to chicken out.

    • I feel comforted that I’m not the only one reacting this way. I hope that we can encourage each other on our journey πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Susan

    Foremost, congrats on your visa. I’m glad I found your blog while looking for info in GM Forum. It’s a quite a consolation to know that I’m not alone in this journey ala deciding when to make the *Big Move* after my visa’s approval. It was great reading all your postings coz’ I went thru’ the same emotional doldrums from the day my application was submitted till now, contemplating the move. Like you, I am having bouts of anxiety, psyching myself up to bring myself physically over to Adelaide soon.

    Hope to read more of your journey, learn and share from each other. Thanks!

    • OMG, you’re going to Adelaide? I hope to see you there one day. It is wonderful to find someone who feels the same way as I. Good luck on your journey too.

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  7. Hi Susan,

    I just came upon your blog and found it really useful. I am preparing to migrate to Australia as well, and I am truly relieved to find that I am not the only person who is going through all such anxiety. By the way, how long were you given to make your initial entry into Australia after your visa is granted?

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