Making my initial entry

It’s rather symbolic, I suppose:  I’ll be landing in Adelaide on Dec 31 to make my initial entry – I’ll be verifying my visa. So, after this the clock will begin ticking. My visa will be activated and I’d be able to live in Australia for three years.

Well! My two-year journey has come to this! It has been … challenging. I’ve been torn between anticipation and sheer terror at the horror stories I’ve heard of people trying to start a new job only to stumble again and again because of Adelaide’s limited job prospects. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the  wee hours of the morning, wondering what I’m getting myself into in this migration adventure.

And I realise part of the migration journey is also to battle your fears and insecurities, and to look at life in another way. Who am I without the job that I love and that has come to define who I am? Who am I without the comforts I’m used to – the posh restaurants I dine in at least a few times a month, and the hotel stays and overseas vacations I indulge in once in a while?

Well, that’s a post for another day!

I’ll be in Adelaide for two weeks, and I hope to meet as many Malaysian Adelaideans as I can. I know that in the end, the decision is ultimately mine and noone can make up my mind for me, but meeting these folks and seeing how things are in Adelaide could help me have a clearer picture.


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