Adelaide Day 1: Peacherines and New Year’s eve

View of Adelaide city from the apartment I'm bunking in.

So here I am in Adelaide. It’s the peak of summer here, and I landed just in time to enjoy the heat wave. It’s not as bad a summer as I remember though – it’s still cool indoors. Back in the day in Perth many yonks ago, I remember I just could not escape the heat, even indoors!

Getting my visa validated was a little underwhelming. The officer just stamped my passport and my visa’s validated. Wala! The clock has started to tick.

Going through customs was a breeze – brought some Tambun biscuits for my kind hosts who are not just putting me up but showing me around Adelaide – and I was flagged through without a problem. My friend XW picked me up from the airport and then took me out for some breakfast (camomile tea was all I could eat right then) and then later for some marketing.

A peacherine - mutant offspring of a peach and a nectarine.

I love, love, love Australian markets – they are bursting at the seams with fresh fruits and vegetables, and I went a little nuts over the fruits. 500g of cherries for AUD$3.50? And they have something awesome called “peacherines”, which is a cross between peaches and nectarines. Also, a giant head of cauliflower for just AUD$2?? And the meat? It’s freakin’ cheap here! Went to Chinatown where I bought about 580g of minced pork for just AUD$4*. Even after conversion that’s crazy cheap. It hasn’t hit me until now how expensive food had gotten in Malaysia.

I definitely can see myself living here. With its pretty houses, lovely fresh produce market (I cook my food most of the time anyway), great libraries, life can be really comfortable here if you’re earning in Aussie dollars. I just have no idea, however, how I’m going to find a job to make all that a reality. Everything’s still hazy in that department, especially since my vocation is not in demand in Adelaide. (Or anywhere in Australia for that matter. Let’s just say it’s an industry on the decline.)

XW tells me that lots of migrants end up in as cleaners because you can earn a lot as one. I definitely do not mind that to tide things by, but I definitely do want a permanent job sooner or later.

I know a friend of a friend who can’t really use her UK law degree and ended up working as a receptionist here. (She’s now full-time in admin.) So, all is not lost. I’m just wondering whether this is what I want to do? Give up my career for good and work as an administration staff?

This whole emigration thing has gotten me thinking about what I really want. I have to admit that a lot of times I’ve been tailoring my life to fit this whole emigration thing. But what if what I really want deep down doesn’t tally with this emigration exercise? I must say I’m afraid of looking to deep to find out what’s really there.

* A bottle of mineral water is AUD2.99. It doesn’t seem right that it costs about as much as 500g of pork!


One thought on “Adelaide Day 1: Peacherines and New Year’s eve

  1. Glad to know you are now in Adelaide and staying till 12 January. Go to and see Glenelg, Barossa Valley, Victor Harbour and many others. Go to Elizabeth, Smithfield, Munno Para, Prospect and other suburbs at north of Adelaide. See the beauty and ugly of Adelaide.

    I do follow your journey from the Face Book. It is common that the friend of your friend worked as receptionist even though she has a law degree. She is lucky to have a job, being a non white.

    Think deep and don’t just listen to those who migrated and staying in Australia. Some of them are wearing a mask when speak, some have been lying to themselves all these years. (I know many of them staying in Adelaide).

    Have an open mind, think what you want and not what others tell you that you want. Then you can find your answers. I have found mind…


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