Adelaide Day 2: Happy New Year! 2012, here I come!

Walked about 15 minutes to meet two gal friends and we walked together to Elder Park, which is next to River Torrens. There was already a sizeable crowd there at 8pm. And when the fireworks started – wow!

What a lovely way to usher in the new year. You know, I usually don’t do  anything special during this time of the year. I think the most special thing I did was to park my car beside my apartment and stare up at the fireworks lighting up the sky while the dogs from the shelter across the street bayed and howled. I’m not the sort to battle traffic to park myself in a squashed corner at KLCC or Bukit Bintang. I prefer to go to my parents’ apartment, crane my neck at an awkward angle and see the fireworks light up the area from the corner of my eye.

But 2012 is a special year. It’s the year of change for me. And I thought I’m gonna celebrate it with style. With my pals beside me on the grass, we watched in awe as the fireworks lit up the sky. What a sight it was!

So what if I was heckled at by some drunk yobs in a car on the way to Elder Park? So what if one of the drunk, red-faced women called me a “MOFO [racist epithet]” and declared that it was great to be racist. The world is awesome right now, and it doesn’t matter if some folks are sadly drinking their brain cells away. For me and my friends, we are ushering in 2012 with style.

Happy New Year guys!!


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