Pardon me while I de-stuff myself

If there’s one thing I learned from my preparations to move to Australia is that I have a lot of stuff. The most massive of which is my book collection – 1,000 of them!

At the beggining of February, I started packing them away to donate, sell, store in my parents’ home or ship to Australia. I’m only halfway through and have some ways to go! As I grumbled through the labour and sneezed through the exercise, I swore to myself that I would never again accumulate so many books or things in my life.

It’s really curious that one of the reasons why I was sad to leave Malaysia initially was having to give up my beautiful 1,000-book library. I mean, yes, I’m rather proud of my collection. Many of these books you can’t find in Malaysia as I bought them when I was abroad. But as I de-stuffed my library, I couldn’t help but think how attached we are to our things, how we somehow think that “stuff” will make us happy.

I can now only shake my head at my massive DVD and book collection. Now I really realise that buying DVDs and books was a way to fill up a void in my life. Somehow, by having all these things with me I felt happier, more accomplished. Alas, this is but an illusion.

But on a less philosophical note, my massive library is also a manifestation of our sore lack of public libraries. Many of these books I could’ve borrowed from a library, but our libraries are so shite that I had to buy them to read them. Well, I’m quite eager to experience Adelaide’s public libraries, that’s for sure!

This whole migration exercise has changed me from a person who needed suff to be happy to a person who yearned to be as free from stuff as possible so that she can just up and leave if she feels like it.

Frankly, I rather like this change in me.


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