Saying goodbye

Last Saturday, I had dinner with a couple of friends and told them that I was leaving for Australia. They were terribly excited for me, but sad as well – I won’t get too see them as often as I do right now.

That’s one of the more difficult aspects about leaving the home country for Adelaide. Saying goodbye to the ones you love.

Some of my friends who are in the know will sometimes, in mid conversation, sigh and say, “Oh, I won’t be doing this with you after July!”

I remember how I felt when my best friend left for Edinburgh. Her departure was just one of many that year, and I felt broken that so many of my friends were leaving me. So, I’m really familiar with how it feels like to be left behind. A part of me actually feels guilty for doing this to them, but everyone, at one point or another, will say goodbye to someone, as a friend of mine says.

I’ve not told my colleagues yet, though I came very close to being found out! I don’t want to do so just yet because I don’t want to have to answer 1001 questions why I’m leaving this company where I’ve been here for more than a decade. To be honest, I’m also not too keen with talking to folks who will throw ice water to my dreams and tell me how impractical my move will be. I’m not sure how many of those there will be, but I’m just not keen to meet any right now.

How do you say goodbye to the people you’re leaving behind?

  • You show them how much you appreciate them by spending time with them before you leave.
  • You reconcile with those you’ve had any falling out with, if possible, tying up any relationship loose ends.
  • Promise to stay in touch – and try to fulfill that promise via Facebook, emails or better, snail mail! I believe snail mails are such precious things these days.
  • You remind them that there will certainly be visits back home. Australia is only an Air Asia plane ride away 🙂

How did you say goodbye to the ones you left behind? How did you feel in the last few months before departure?


One thought on “Saying goodbye

  1. I did the reverse, I chose to leave Perth and return to Malaysia after 7 years. I’d completed my degree, worked and made many friends… My reason for leaving was; I was feeling like i was not getting any work satisfaction. I crave for the adrenaline to push myself to achieve more in my career. Everyone thought it would have been a bad move
    1. I notified my landlord I won’t be leasing his house anymore. He offered not to raise my rent for 12 in order for me to stay as his tenant.
    2. I told my relatives and my employer. My relatives offered to let me stay with them for 2 months plus before I leave. We had memorable moments, the same kind when I first arrived. My boss offered me a pay rise if I had stay.
    3. Friends; I only told those who are close to me, those would have been affected if I wasn’t around. Those who would share a bottle of wine and frozen cheesecake with me in the middle of winter. Those that didn’t even bother to say hi when I was around, I can’t be bothered at all. The last few moments, I met up with them, said my goodbyes, promised to stay in touch.. thank god for Facebook and Whatsapp and all those communication apps.
    4. I got scared, the thought of starting all over again intimidates me. I started to think if I had made the right decision..

    A year and a half later, new things in Malaysia around me still intimidates me. People around me in Malaysia still think I shouldn’t have came back, even my family. The funniest thing is, those rallying behind my back to keep going are those in Australia, encouraging me to find my dream career. I am still waiting for the people whom I can share a bottle of wine and frozen cheese cake in Malaysia.

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