Moving house, moving countries: overwhelmed!

It's a miracle, but I've managed to reduce 8 years of stuff to these few boxes.

I know I promised to post at least twice a week, but I have seriously underestimated the stress and all-consuming overwhelming-ness of moving countries.

Apparently, moving to a new place counts as one of life’s most stressful experiences – right up there with divorces. If you’re moving countries, you can double the stress!

Now, here’s a tip for all of you making the move: If you’re planning to rent out or sell your home, start the process asap! Say you hope to move to Australia in a year’s time. Start NOW.

I regretted waiting a year to do so. (The reason why: I was undecided whether I should make the big move.) I thought I had all the time in the world – I would be moving in July, so I thought six months was a good enough time.

So, I only contacted an agent around late January, thinking that I’ll get the place rented out by April or so. Well, I did get a tenant by April, but he backed out last minute.

Apparently, his first wife found out about his second wife, whom he was renting my place for. He was concerned about security. Gee, I think I should be the one more concerned, don’t you think? Calls by my real estate agent were ignored and now we have to restart the process all over again. So, what I’m saying is this: Shit happens, and a lot of times last minute too. So, you have to be prepared and make time for emergencies like this.

I’m now worried I may have to delay my landing in Australia. Maybe August would be a more realistic date for me after all. I’m praying really hard that I’d get a tenant by latest end of May so that I can safely resign and leave on time.

Still, I’m really glad that I contracted a real estate agent to do all this for me. If I had to weed out potential tenants all by myself I think I’ll go ka-ka.


3 thoughts on “Moving house, moving countries: overwhelmed!

  1. Pity you had to go through all that hassle… but its a learning process anyway 🙂
    Hope we can meet up when you arrive in August and share our experiences…
    Good luck!!!

    • Can’t wait, Joan! Yeah it’s a hassle. What I learned: Never to accumulate so many things and don’t wait till the last minute!

      • But how to let go of those treasured things….
        Im feeling homesick and miss my place of work…all the familiar sights n sounds back in msia, not forgetting the food n cheapy things…but this move was planned & looked upon anxiously so no turning back.
        However, i didnt sell off whatever i owned in msia & so have a place to stay when i make short trips back.
        Look forward in making Adel yr new home!!!

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