Adelaide, here I come! Again.

(Read this first.)

Yeah, yeah, I know we’ve been through this before, but I have decided to leave for Adelaide after all. I figured that if I took the job, I’ll be too distracted by the fact that I’m giving up on Australia without even trying that I would not do a good job anyway. The idea of being haunted by “What if?” for years doesn’t sit well with me either.

So, I’m going. No matter how long or how hard it’ll take for me to get a job, at least I’ll be trying.

Frankly, I’m exhausted by the crazy emotional rollercoaster my life has been since I put in the papers all those years ago. I can’t wait  to get to Australia only so that I can just get it over and done with! 😉

Photo by dlritter.


2 thoughts on “Adelaide, here I come! Again.

  1. Oh I’m glad you decided to go! The only things I’ve ever regretted in hindsight are things I didn’t do (the “what ifs”), not the things that I did and failed at. I hope the job situation works out easier for you there than you expect!

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