How to get a job in Australia: Tips from a reader

Chris, a reader of my blog, took six weeks to find a job in his field. That’s actually excellent as some migrants take months or even more than half a year to do that. I asked Chris to share tips on how to get a job from Australia.

How I did it:

1. Tailor-made resume for each of the job you apply, as well as cover letter. I rewrote my resume and cover letter for each position I applied for, focusing on what the role required, had strong key words that emphasized my experiences relevant to the areas the role is looking for. It has to be in Australia resume format though. I tried to keep my resume to not more than 3 pages. I had spent a tremendous amount of time working on my resume and cover letter.

2. Once you sent out resume(s), be prepared to receive any call anytime. We do not want to sound unprepared when any potential employers rang. This is the first impression you will give to the person who rang you, so, speak confidently. I noticed if we can communicate well on the phone, mostly likely we will get a chance for an face to face interview.

3. Next, once you are secured with an interview, you have to be well prepared for the interview. I checked out a lot of sites to see what are the most commonly asked questions during interview and prepared points on those questions. Do not write an essay for those questions and trying to remember it. The points only help us to speak naturally when questions were posted to us during interviews, at least we do not look blank. Remember to always give examples on each of the points you mentioned. In most cases, interviewers would want us to give examples, elaborating how we did it to deal/resolve a scenario etc.

4. Read the company’s background. Make use of the information to help you gain extra impression points during an interview. I had done that and I noticed the interviewers were quite happy that I knew a lot about the company. I tried to link the information to my experiences, i.e., understand the company products and services, directions that relevant to the domain knowledge I have.

5. Be prepared with some technical questions for those who looking for IT role.

6. Good references. Be nice to your current reporting manager because you still need them to provide good references when you apply for a job here. Trust me, they do call for reference checks.

7. Be positive even though it will be extremely exhausted when we are jobless. Only when we are positive, we will attract more good things to us.

The bottom line is “hard work”, there is no free lunch. The more you prepared, the more chance you will secure with an interview and do well in those interviews which eventually ended up with a job offer.

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16 thoughts on “How to get a job in Australia: Tips from a reader

  1. Did what Chris shared in your blog but after countless cv submissions, was interviewed twice. I even applied for kitchen helpers, cashiers,receptionist etc in other states as well. Kept thinking of all those sleepless nights struggling and juggling between work and assignments to succeed in getting my MBA but what good is it now? Very depressing!!!!
    I even offered to do volunteer work, but only one organization called to do some packing for them as they were shifting premise.
    Money is fast running low and if there is no job, I’ll have to pack and return to Msia.

    • Hello JP, why don’t you try Helpx? This is a work exchange – you can volunteer at a place and get free board and accommodation. I’m using this to get Australian work experience and free lodgings and food.

      Also, about the jobs, based on what my friends – both of whom got casual jobs weeks after landing – said, you have to go door to door knocking on doors to ask for a job. Go to shops or restaurants and ask personally. Ask friends or your network for directions as well. And call them if you don’t have a response.

  2. Hi Guys
    I currently have a Jims Cleaning Franchise in Adelaide.
    & Recently more Malaysian Families are pruchasing a Cleaning Franchise.
    Its easier to Join a Well Known and Trusted Organisation.
    It gives you all the benefits of running a business and also spending time with your Family.
    If you are Interested to find out more.
    Pls drop me a line.
    Jims Cleaning

    • Actually I agree with you – owning a franchise is one way to take control of your life when you’re over here. Instead of waiting for a job to come to you, you create one for yourself. It has worked for some of my friends over here and they’re happier for it In fact, one of them is a Jims Cleaning Franchise person!

    • Hi Jim,
      Glad to know you. My husband currently doing cleaning and maintenance projects in Malaysia.. We are more interested in Jims Cleaning back in Australia as we wish to migrate too. It will be much appreciated if we can get an appointment to meet you. Please mail me at

  3. Hi All,
    I am a malaysian granted a PR, but has to reside in Adelaide for 2 years. After reading all your comments, I am so fearful, since I would be going there with my family,ie. wife and daughter.hmmmm….

  4. U just have to take the plunge dont expect to have the same career choice position when you arrive you must be ready to do whatever comes your way. Look at this as a journey in life and for the sake of your family future. In oz lifestyle circle around the family unit. In the end its gonna be worth it.

  5. Yeah Tommy is right. Most of us have to take the plunge, and it’s your mindset that is really important … you gotta free yourself from your old ways of living and adapt to Australian ways … also, be prepared to do anything, and I mean, anything!

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