Like a yo yo! (Or updates on my life here)

Yes, I’ve not been communicating lately. Mostly because I’ve been so extremely busy it’s not funny 🙂 Here’s a quick update about my life the last few weeks:

  • Finally found a room. It’s a mere 2km from college. With unlimited Internet, thank God. My days of winging it by turning my handphone into a hotspot is over.
  • Yes, I’m in college. Doing a cert under Skills for All programme. Which is really awesome by the way. Basically, you get to do a course mostly free. Yes, even if you’re a 475 holder. In Australia, some people believe that having a Certificate is far more useful than a degree. After just a month and a half here, I’m inclined to agree! They have a cert for everything, even if you want to be a retail assistant or food handler you need a cert. Sometimes I think its nuts, sometimes I think that’s kinda systematic – ensures quality control and all that. It depends on my mood for that day! So, I’d encourage you to take a cert to get your foot in the door. But choose the right cert. Not all certs will lead you to a job. Some are a waste of money so research the market before you plunge in. The most worthwhile cert I can see is Cert III Aged Care and Cert III Children’s Services where there’s great demand for the graduates.
  • I bought a bicycle, and it takes me everywhere, and I love it. My bum is sore though.
  • Gumtree is my best friend. I bought my bike and got my room through it. I did, however, met my share of creeps there too.
  • Because I live near the city and I have a bicycle, I spend little or nothing on transport.
  • Got a job as a waitress in two restaurants 0. One dropped me quietly, but the other is employing me steadily – for now. There are absolutely no guarantees in the hospitality industry, especially if you work with Chinese employers! They tend to pay you below the standard wages – “cash in hand”. But I’m doing this to offset some of my rent money. I’ve saved RM4000 in the last 1.5 months because of my various strategies – via Helpx (despite the monstrous experience) and waitressing.
  • Discovered how important networking is. It got me my waitressing jobs, by the way.
  • Never think that waitressing or kitchen hand work is beneath you. A lot of migrants – some of whom are working on a professional level now – started out that way.
  • Resume writing is a pain in the hiney. Especially Australian resumes. Guys, especially if you’re from Malaysia, you really need to learn how to write a proper Australian resume. Really learn. A helpful book is Australian Resumes for Dummies which I borrowed from the Adelaide Council libraries. After reading this book, you’ll realise how different Australian style resumes are. I mean, seriously – it’s like learning an entirely new language!
  • Did I mention how damn awesome the Australian libraries are? I am a member of two libraries – Adelaide City’s and Burnside’s. The Burnside Library allows me to borrow 50 books! And 10 DVDs! My mind is blown!
  •  I applied for two jobs on Seek.Com. I only did it because they were media jobs that I was interested in. I wanted to focus on my studies but made an exception for them because they sounded interesting. I had no hope in hell I’d get a positive response.
  • But amazingly, both companies called me in for an interview, though one took nearly 1.5 months to get back to me. That’s normal, by the way. The other interviewed me on the phone when I called to enquire if I could send a resume! So you gotta be on your toes every second. Be prepared to be interviewed any time of the day. One offered me a job straightaway, another – well, I’m attending the first interview today. Wish me luck.
  • Because I wasn’t prepared for that company, I thought it was in an industry that it wasn’t. So. Damn. Embarrassed. It was a miracle they granted me an interview anyway!!
  • Have not done much in the way of touring 🙂 But I’m sure we’ll get there one day.

So that’s my life so far! Sometimes I’m really happy and glad to be here, like when I’m cycling to work and I have to go throgh this gorgeous park with pooches running around happily. And sometimes I’ll be crying because it’s so damn hard – like when I was  trying to get money, the uncertainty, the fear for my future and not getting how anything works. All this, apparently as I was told, is normal.

Frankly, I think it takes a special breed of person to willingly go through this. One who is adventurous, brave, positive to the point of being a Pollyanna and perhaps a little insane.


2 thoughts on “Like a yo yo! (Or updates on my life here)

  1. Good to know that things are moving in the right direction. And thanks for sharing some tips esp the work part. Be well and take care!

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