First day of work

Frankly, sometimes I feel like I need more than two hands to do the work I’m currently doing.

It’s my first week at my new company, and I feel like I’m in over my head! 😉

Not only do I have to grapple with Australian work culture (which is totally foreign to me now), I also have to deal with the stresses of being part of a startup company. That means setting up the office ourselves (assembling furniture!), setting up the office culture and modus operandi and on top of that, start working on projects without having any clear idea how to go about it because we have no seniors to guide us.

It’s all in all an exciting and disconcerting experience all at once. There are people who expressed reservations about me being in this company, saying that it’s not secure. Of course it isn’t, but I have to be practical. I’m a new migrant and I can’t be choosy. The most essential thing now is to get local work experience and I’m gonna grab whatever opportunity I’m going to get even if it’s tough work. And $%#! has the work been tough, dudes.

It’s my first job and I’m not fussy, and being at a startup means I can learn so much. It’s just been a week and I’m already learning so much. My colleagues are really really capable folks and I’m benefiting from their expertise.

I have to admit, however, that I cried tears of frustration sometimes though. You see, I had to postphone my work placement for my course, and I really wanted to get that Cert III. I grieved a little for losing that, but since I can return to the work placement in a year’s time – at least I still have a chance to finish the cert. Other times, I feel so sad that my planned life has been derailed – I wanted a more stress-free life. I wanted a job where I’ll be physical, not in an office. I wanted a work life where I don’t have to be mentally stressed and not bring my work back with me. I wanted a job that would enable me to write what I love on the side. So, I weep over that too.

(Yes, I’m quite emotional!)

But on the other hand, this job will give me a lot of opportunities to learn things I’d need to know to achieve some of my other dreams, such as setting up my own small consultancy service and writing e-books that will generate passive income. So, I’m keeping my eyes on the big picture.

So it’s all good, I suppose.

Of course, the steady pay doesn’t hurt either!

Anyway, so I got a job quicker than I thought. I’m not sure how long this job will be, but I have a good idea how employment works in Oz now, and I can tell you Malaysians that it’s quite different, from the resume writing, to the job interview and the employment contracts you sign. More on that later!


2 thoughts on “First day of work

  1. Congrats on yr permanent job and that’s really quick! I remember how worried you were before u landed on Oz soil 🙂

    Yes, please share your experiences on resume writing, interview, etc etc. Looking forward to it.

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