Living my dream


I walk past beautiful gardens like this every day. To me thats a great blessing.

Yesterday, i realised with some delight that I am living my dream. I was working in an industry I have always dreamed of being in, living in a country that I had dreamt of living in and living the active outdoor lifestyle of cycling and hiking I have always wanted.

Even if this dream lasts only a few months I will be glad because I have tasted what it was like.

I never thought I would be able to do all this. Alone. With little money. But all this would not have been possible if I hadnt taken a chance. So i suppose my message is this. Take a chance. Believe in yourself. Leap. You may never know where you will land.


3 thoughts on “Living my dream

    • Thanks, JP, and I will live with the realisation that I was brave enough to try – that’s reward in itself 🙂

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