Life gets busy


I try to makr an effort to explore Adelaide as much as I can. Here is Glenelg.

Hello people,
I am blogging from my smartphone so forgive me for the spelling errors.

Life has gotten busy in good old Adelaide. Work consumes me a lot these days. So much so tht i think I should improve how I spend my time in this lovely city.

How do you prevent yorself from losing the joy of living in a new country? I guess you start walking around and meet new people.

To be honest what i have not gotten good at is getting to know Australians. It is often so much easier to stick with yoyr own kind and this is a trap many Malaysians have fallen into. I dont blame thrm though. Its not easy to get to know Aussies as I think they are a very individual and private folk. We Asians are more communal.

I made some effort by joining a church near my place that is predominantly Aussies. Unfortunately I have allowed work to consume me far too much.

Any suggestions on how i shld spend my time wisely in Oz?


2 thoughts on “Life gets busy

  1. What about join a class like a cooking class or a drawing class ? These kinds of things are very social, as everyone is there to meet new people/make new friends as much as to learn a new skill. Something like a yoga or zumba class – maybe not so social in my experience… You can always meet up with other travellers – things like HelpX and Couchsurfing have an area where you can contact travellers who are in the same city as you and who are also looking for people to share adventures with. Also volunteering is a REALLY good way to really make friends. The library should be able to put you in touch with some organisations looking for volunteers. It is super rewarding ! There’s a whole range of things you can help out with such as environmental groups,Library, helping at old folks homes, helping out at music festivals or sports events… Be interested to hear if you take any of these ideas up ! Cheers.

    • Hello Sophia, great idea! Though to be honest since the day I landed I hardly have any time to do any volunteering. However, February would be a better time for me šŸ™‚

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