Putting yourself out there

I have to say, sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing – blogging about my life in Adelaide. I did it not for fame or fortune (like, I wish!) but because as a writer, I just need to write down my experiences, and since what I write could be beneficial, why not share it?

A good friend of mine here wonder why I do it. Especially since it exposes me to less-than-pleasant people or worse – ridicule and criticism.

It’s part and puzzle of being a writer, really. You have to be ready to accept criticisms – founded or unfounded.

Though I have to admit, I do feel vulnerable about this blog sometimes because everyone knows what I’ve gone through and I often get queried about what I posted while I’m attending functions in Adelaide! They know all (okay, about 50%) about me, but I certainly don’t know about them! I’m at a disadvantage here šŸ˜‰

I’ll be honest – I do sometimes get upset when I’m accused of something that I did not intend or if my post is spun in a direction I never meant it to be spun. But my annoyance is over after a few minutes because everyone needs their say, whatever it may be.

I don’t have to blog about my experiences in Adelaide and my life would certainly be less complicated and personally, less intrusive, but I remember how much I longed to read a blog about a person’s experiences in the migration journey because I really need to know what it really is like. So, if I could help someone fulfil that need, why not?

Besides, I met a few of my closest pals in Adelaide through this blog and people have told me that my posts did help them somehow! I think that’s worth its weight in gold!

IF there’s one thing I seem to pick up on from the criticisms is that some folks mistake me for being an authority or think that my posts should be of research quality – with footnotes, proper quotes, and maybe an encyclopaedic explanation for all things (yes, I’m exaggerating). Ā I’m flattered, however, when hint strongly that I should not mislead people with my posts. (That means they are taking my posts seriously!)

Let me clarify: The blog is here to tell you what my journey is like. I’m in no way an authority on all things migration, nor do I EVER, EVER claim to be some kinda guru about life as a migrant. So all the posts here – including the ones I term “informative” – are from my perspective. It doesn’t mean that what happened to me will happen to you, and please, please, don’t think that my way is the only way you should do the “being a migrant” thing. And take my advice as merely that – advice. It’s not Ā something you have to do.

Malaysia to Adelaide is meant to be an online memoir of sorts so that you can have anĀ ideaĀ of what it’s like to be an immigrant in Australia. IT’s actually also my online notes about my experience. That’s why when I research things, I try to be as thorough as possible as it’s also for my own good.

Anyway, I’m more than happy to help you if you have questions, but do remember I’m not a qualified lawyer and migration agent.

Okay. Hope things are clearer now!


2 thoughts on “Putting yourself out there

  1. Haters will always be haters, let them go do the anatomically impossible act.

    I love your blog, as many many others do I believe. If you ever feel guilty for unintentionally misleading someone to make the leap, don’t be. Idiots who do not know how to make their own decisions and be accountable for themselves will screw up wherever they go, regardless of what you write or do not write.

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