It pays to follow up! AKA I got a job interview

So, to be honest I was really morose today, thinking about the LONG LIST of companies I have to apply to. But nevermind, I told myself. I shall follow up on one of my applications. So faithfully I went to the company, fully expecting to be turned away with a vague “We’ll get back to you”. But because I know the name of the person who is in HR, I told the receptionist, “I’m here to see X.”

She asked me why. And I said that Y (from the RTO where I trained to be an Aged Care worker) told me I could see her in regards to my application.

She nodded and got X for me.

Again, I didn’t expect much, but when X finally came down, she said: “So, you’re here for the interview?”

I was like. WUH?! But I totally nodded and was interviewed there and then.

As per usual for an Australian interview, she asked me about every aspect of my resume (which she said was good – thank God) and then other stuff. And asked me about “difficult situation encountered” at the facility etc. Frankly I was nervous as hell because I was so unprepared, but I tried my very best, prayed to God really really really hard and just went ahead.

So lesson learned: Always be prepared for an interview! Even if you want to follow up on your application, I suppose. I mean to be honest, this is not something that always happens I think, but I did wish I wrote down my answers better ….



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