Surviving with a positive mindset


Yesterday, a friend of mine came over for dinner at my place and she immediately noticed that I was down. I proceeded to tell her about my fears and how tired I felt about the job hunt.

She immediately cheered me up with her presence and told me to hang on and just have hope. Another friend had a chat with me a message on FB later to keep my spirits up.

I don’t know what I’ll do without the friends I’ve made here in Adelaide. Because we have the same struggles, we speak the same language. They’ve been where I was (sometimes their situations were worse than mine) and could empathise.

So, yeah, friends are so darn important!

Times like these I feed myself with positive reading and listening materials as well. I listen to sermons about God’s provision, read books that encourage and uplift me and only watch things that will cheer me up.

Being a very social creature, I make sure that I spend time with positive people (and stay the [beep] away from people that drain me) and try to do the same for others. I have also made a very conscious decision to stay away from the FB forum Malaysians in Adelaide for now … although the majority of its members are wonderful people, lately the group has been taken over by a very vocal minority who seem intent to use the forum as their own personal soap box to highlight their awesomeness (or lack thereof) by coming down hard on some posters. The latest kerfufle involved a ridiculously analytical argument about … salt. Being involved in such petty nonsense is an energy drainer, so I have decided to bid MIA adieau for now.

I spend a lot of time on my knees as well, praying to God and then connecting with a church. And I’m not shy to ask for prayer as well. And I make sure I go to church every Sunday to keep my spirits up.

I learned from past experience that it’s really important to be as positive as you can during challenging times. And you don’t just do it via mental gymnastics but by consciously engaging in activities that will enhance your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. It’s not easy – especially if you’re a natural worrier like me – but the more you practise at it, the better you are.

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7 thoughts on “Surviving with a positive mindset

  1. Great that you have such good friends. (-:
    And yes, with job hunting, you just never know when something will come up, so enjoy the “now” rather than worrying about the maybe/maybe nots. Of course the dollar does come in handy, but there’s all kinds of ways to live cheaply and enjoy the simple things. Kind regards.

    • I’m bad about NOT worrying about the what ifs. But this is why I’m in Adelaide, learning to deal with these things… worrying won’t make your life easier … but still my psyche insists I do it. Most inconvenient.

  2. Just keep up the positive mind. Where all fails that’s what that will keep you going. Sad that I can’t be there to give you a listening ear anymore.

  3. Susan,

    Am probably in a similar shoe like you – not so much on the job front, but in personal life. I want you to know that your personal experiences and your approaches in dealing with them really lifts me up and inspire me to stay positive even if everything seems to be falling apart. Indirectly, your blog posts have been uplifting strangers like me. God will never let you down! You will be in my prayers and please accept my heartfelt thanks.

  4. I ditto your comment on MIA in FB, that also includes MIM (Malaysians in Melb) in FB as well, bunch of posers and sick of them posting what they cook, plant, and bitching of nonsense and will trash whoever which is not their gang, but such as life as in real world, too many losers around. Just be who you are ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree with you in mixing with the right and positive crowd than just to feel belongs with a bunch of evil sapiens that do nothing but wanted you to be a person which is less capable than they always are.

    just do whatever you feel right, staying in Aust or going back to MY, there is no right or wrong and no bad or good as such in either side, cause like what u mention before, same shit different bucket, but if shit where to hit the fence and you still can be happy over there, then u know which place u belongs to ๐Ÿ™‚

    FYI, me and my partner are also planning to move back to MY somewhere this year. Both of us are having a normal office job in Aust for 4 yrs. Reason – 3Fs – Family, Friends, Foods, haha life is short and we live once ๐Ÿ™‚

    have fun !


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