A working lady in Adelaide

Hello guys! Sorry I have been silent for so long but I was up to my neck with work. Yes, work 🙂

I am happy to report that I got the job which I interviewed for. Being a personal care worker for an aged
care facility us miles awat from my former life in the media but I love it because of that.

The job has challenges though. My first two weeks was terrifying and i still, often, am left so exhausted I cant move.

But i am grateful that I have a proper job with payslips and a contract. Sometimes when I drive on the roads of Adelaide to run errands or to just simply explore I am amazed that I am here in Adelaide making money and living here.

The realisation that I have fulfilled a long held dream to live abroad is the kind of feeling that is beyond words. You realise that you do have it in you to pursue your dreams and you dont have to remain stuck out of fear.


10 thoughts on “A working lady in Adelaide

  1. Congrats, Susan ! So glad to hear that you”ve got a proper job and realising your dream ! Your post is of a great encouragement to me. I am waiting for 475 visa and full with fear and hope now.

  2. Hi Susan, I read your entire blog and love it! It’s so genuine and feels like you are talking my hearts out. I am granted visa 190 but donno when shall i make my 1st entry. Still so surreal after years of hardship applying it.

    I just wonder, do u suggest to start looking for job before going over?

  3. All of sudden, “Migration” word popes up in my mind. My first migrate destination is Australia, simply because I was undergraduated from Queensland Uni of Technology, Brishane.
    I am a Chinese Malaysian, I love my country… Sadly to express my deepest frustration with the recent 13th election here. Just married, and I see very mild future for my next generation. Thinking to make a change.

    • You gotta think more than that – why Australia? Why not Singapore? Perhaps even Thailand? I understand your disappointment with the GE, but you know, to be honest, Malaysia isn’t a terrible place to live. Although youcome over to Australia, it doesn’t mean that your life will be easy. The first two years of a migrant’s life is very hard. Many tears will be shed, many sacrifices has to be made.

  4. Leaving a country just because of its election result in not good enough reason. I too want to leave Australia. Things are absolutely looking from bad from worst here. We have a massive deficit $19.5B this year…not millions. Which foolish household will spend all that money without realising they actually didn’t have it in the bank. A tax payers in Australia are in real deep shit…. we will be going backward from now on. Unemployment has been really hit hard especially the public sectors and thousand have been made redundant. The DoH is in a mess at the moment.

    A lot of Malaysians are just following the crowd to migrate before checking our economy issues here. I don’t want to add salt to your wound. New migrants looking for jobs are just going to add pressure to the cooking pot where many local born graduates finding it harder to find employment. Please don’t make is worst. The so called 475 visa are just good for business to find an easy way out to hunt of cheap labourers just like in most asian countries.

  5. To migrate, or not to migrate – It all boils down to what have you got to gain / lose as an individual.

    In a broad perspective, there are gains for PRs/ citizens:

    (1) Children’s education – quality and affordable

    (2) Health benefits & security at old age and jobless support

    (3) Public security – no senseless machete limb slashing

    (4) Weather – 4 seasons provide variety in life, generally cool temperature discourages tempers flaring in road rage and daily interactions

    But as an individual, migration is not my choice as I’ve got too much to lose that outweighs the above gains:

    (1) I’m a seasoned inventor in MNC company having numerous hi-tech industry related USA patents, holding senior managerial position with 5 figures pay, all of which would be useless in Aussie’s self-sustaining mining and construction industries. Moving there would mean downgrading my career and earning prospect. My 2 years stint in USA also broadened my horizon on the harsh realities of being an Asian in foreign land. Malaysia is an land of abundant opportunities for engineering talents, attractive to foreign manufacturing investors, we provide talent and lower currency exchange thus lower operation cost compared to advanced countries.

    (2) I would lose my assets and life’s luxury if I choose to reset my life in Aussie. Having loan-free assets (from personal effort and inheritances) worth equivalent of A$1mil in Malaysia, which I am collecting rental and could live off assets without fear of losing my job, gives me the peace and security in mind, compared to having to worry about being jobless and not able to survive in Aussie. In a foreign land, whether it’s Aussie or other countries, foreigners are always under pressure to outperform the locals for survival, hence higher stress level and unhealthy state of mind, body & general health.

    I hope this explains on behalf of most of my acquaintances in Malaysia, who would not migrate no matter how much one may think that Malaysia’s environment for Chinese would deteriorate in the future.

    But if a person is young and has nothing to lose, starting from 0, he would be a better candidate to go for it (migrate to Aussie).

    • Hello Engineer,
      I do agree with you. So much. The grass is certainly not greener in Australia. It is very tough to get a job here – some friends have sent hundreds of applications and are rejected again and again. A friend of mine who is a qualified nurse has send almost a THOUSAND applications but was not successful.

      So, Australia is just different. Not better.

      You gotta ask yourself: How willing are you to sacrifice your career advancement? Some of my friends went back because they realise they still do care very much for their careers and are not willing to start from zero or to just let their hard won skills stagnate. So they returned, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I say, good on them!

      So,to those who wonder if they should migrate, please thing 3x before you decide. How willing are you to give up your life’s luxuries? What are your goals?

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