PR application, here I come!

I never thought I’d get here, to be honest. As we get halfway through April, I realise that I am now only four months away from my two-year stay in Adelaide. And that means one thing: It’s time to lodge my PR application. I still remember my first post on this blog, Putting in the papers nearly five (!!) years ago. Lord, what a long journey that was! The application process was long and arduous (for me, anyway) and I was frankly amazed that I emerged with a visa. 😉

For the first year of my life in Adelaide, I was mainly interested in surviving. As in getting a job. As in putting food in my belly. Then once everything settled down, I realised this date is looming ever so closely.

Frankly, that leaves my hands cold. I’m never been good at bureaucratic stuff; I’m always afraid I’d stuff it up and end up botching the entire process. I’ve always been more than happy to throw money at people to do it for me. A friend of mine said that a migration agent, who is based in Malaysia, is charging about RM4.5k for the service, but I’m no sure if I want to deal with a migration agent in Malaysia. While migration agents here charge about $4k too for that service.

Lots of people are telling me that it’s really easy to do it yourself, but I freeze up when I see the massive amounts of text I have got to go through 😉

I’ll be bogging about the journey here, by the way, and you can sweat it out with me. 😉




15 thoughts on “PR application, here I come!

  1. You shall do it yourself. Everything is in the immigration website. I applied by PR years ago online. I even translated all documentation including myself, my wife and my children and get them certified by a court in Malaysia. At that time, it is easy and the application process was only six months.

  2. Hey Susan,

    Not sure how I reached your blog but ended up spending almost 3 hrs reading your interesting posts. I was wondering what kind of visa did you apply for initially?

  3. Hi Susan… Been silently following your blog. I have submitted my application for 189 approx 3 weeks ago.. I have uploaded all necessary docs and am anxiously waiting for a CO to be allocated. I really hope my application will be successful as i m doing it without an agent. I have never thought of migrating, never thought i would qualify for it. Aussie used to be a far fetch dream and the reason i am applying it now is because i was helping my friend to find out about migration visa last year and found out.. i qualify and my friend unfortunately did not. I m also worried about not being able to find a job but reading your entries gave me comfort and strength to pursue my Aussie dream. Thank you and good luck to your application too!

    • Thanks for visiting L 🙂 It’s a big step, and it can be frightening. But I think a life without taking risks isn’t really a life well lived. Just make sure you don’t pull all your eggs in one basket and build contingency plans

  4. Dear Susan, been silently following your blog since I’ve asked you abt the migration agent you used previous time. Time have past so fast and you are finally applying for your PR. All the best in your application. I too took the big step and got my 190 visa approve in Nov 2014. Made my first initial entry last month but I’m hoping to visit Adelaide this July to look around. Would love to meet you or any M’sians who have migrated there. Continue writing your lovely stories…love reading it

    • Helli Belle, congratulations on getting your visa! Yes of course we can meet 😉 just drop me an email at malaysia2adelaide at Gmail. com time n place. R u coming w family?

  5. Hi Susan,
    That’s great. I’ll be coming with my husband. I’ll email you once I have confirm my flights. Currently still pending some stuff at work.

  6. Hi Guys, been reading all your posts. I’m really keen on applying for an aussie pr. Can anyone tell me how long this process usually takes? I’m currently in Malaysia..

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