Largs Pier in early winter

Largs Pier

Am ambivalent seagull poses for my camera.

Blue. The sea is so blue here. The jetty, with its white beams and weather-beaten grey-brown wooden boards stretched out to the sea. I can’t believe I have not explored this bit of beach space in Adelaide in my near-two years here.

And it is honest-to-goodness winter. Oz is weird that way.

Susan Wanderlust in Largs Pier

Yes, that’s really me.

Ever the fan of watching the sea, I bought a cup of coffee (passable) and a pasty (bland) from a bored teenager at the kiosk next to the jetty. The kiosk had mustard yellow plastic seats and blue tables was an odd fit at the area, especially with the genteel and grand Largs Pier Hotel opposite. but the views were stellar, even through glass windows full of scratches and covered by a thin film of dust.

Took a walk down the beach later and was pounced on by a bouncy black poodle. My eyes may be near blind by the intense sun but we ended the day walking to Semaphore town with the setting sun on our backs. A perfect day.


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