Cafe culture


Ignorant as I am with the ways of the coffee world, its only in Adelaide that I discovered what a latte, long black, cappuccino was. Despite years of Kuala Lumpur yuppiedom, I took great pains to avoid coffee and would rather indulge in chocolates and other sweet concoctions.

But I succumbed to the bitter brew in Adelaide because how can you not with the pretty, elegant and homey cafes that dot this picturesque city?


So here I am with my favourite incarnation of coffee – long black – typing my novel and soaking in the smell of cooking coffee and the sounds of the morning crowd as they indulge in this most benign of addictions. Discovered Whisk, on Goodwood road after a stroll from the library one day and had fallen in love with its charms since.

I am doing all this while trying to resist that siren call of the desserts facing me. They with the luxurious names that promised pleasure. I dont think I can resist for long, dear readers. After all Baked raspberry cheesecake sounds most intriguing…



2 thoughts on “Cafe culture

  1. Seriously, desserts are the most wonderful yet most evil invention of mankind. They are the only thing that is able to undermine all my weight reduction efforts.

  2. Yes indeed, they are my bane. Had Ice chocolate from Bracegirdles – it was so yum but so bad for me!

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