Adelaide Hills ablaze

On Friday, as I was driving to a friend’s house in Northgate, I saw something that took me a few minutes to process. It looked as if a giant cumulus cloud was emerging from the hills in the distance. I frowned, leaned forward. It looked as if the hills were volcanoes, and they were erupting. Occasionally, an aeroplane would fly through the cloud, and I realise that this wasn’t a cloud that was hovering unnaturally close to the ground. The cloud could mean only one thing:


It was an unbearable 43 degrees Celcius on Friday, and poor me had the misfortune of being out the whole day. My job entails me to visit people in their homes, and although I love what I do a lot, this is one part I hate the most: Driving around in summer. (I love driving around during other months.) And to top it off: My car’s air conditioning decided to kick up a fuss that day. Ugh!

And true enough, when I checked there was a massive bushfire raging in the Adelaide Hills, one that is worse that the legendary Ash Wednesday. I live in the South, thank God, but the foot of the Adelaide Hills is still near where I am. There’s no guarantee.

Australia in the summer – not a fun place to be if you live in the hills.


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