What to do when you feel down about your migration journey

I don’t know why, but mornings are especially hard for me. That’s when homesickness and frustration at my lot in life hits me the hardest. Yesterday I was finally made permanent at the second job (which I like), but it wasn’t a joyous occasion for me because I will now be a few hundred dollars poorer. You trade in security for less pay. When I first found out about this system I was at a loss for words. So, they like you so much that they want you permanently, but because you’re now given the privilege of sick and holiday leave, you’ll be receiving less pay.

But anyway, this morning I¬†threatened to spiral again into a morass of despair about my situation when I said to myself, “Okay. Enough! Enough! What does self pity get you? An hour wasted thinking/moaning about the past and the future is an hour you could have used to advance goals towards your future/commune meaningfully with people and God/enjoy the present.”

So I snapped out of it and began working on my dream instead. I began emailing contacts (networking), writing this blog post, and plan for my e-book business.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always dreamed about having my own business, to being a location independent writer/entrepreneur. I wasted a lot of time last year telling myself that it won’t work instead of doing something concrete towards the goal.

I’m happy to report that my short story, Blood of Nanking under my pen name Antonna Seton, is doing real well. I have another short story under my real name too, but it’s not doing that fantastic, most probably because of its genre and short length. But still, these products are earning me some money! A small start.

Well, what I’m trying to say is that instead of wasting time contemplating and navel gazing, which are not exactly productive activities, I decided to implement strategies to increase my business. Such as write another short story to sell or learn new things about digital marketing, which is an industry I’m keen to venture into.

So, when you feel tempted to moan and cry for a whole day about your situation, ask yourself this:

What am I sacrificing if I’m doing getting worked up about my current situation? An hour of this would mean that I can do less of …? Instead of crying/moaning¬†about your situation

  • You could use that hour to build networks in Australia.
  • You could use that hour to volunteer and gain new skills.
  • You could also use that hour to connect with your family and create wonderful memories.

Sometimes that’s good enough to snap you out of it.

Look, I’m not saying that it’s bad to cry. But it’s bad to dwell for too long. I’ll tell you the truth, I’ve lost days to despair at times, and that’s not a good place to be.

Instead about thinking how bad your life is, think about ways you can improve it and implement them. It’s a better way.